Managed IT Services

Network IT offer managed IT services for small businesses without in house IT staff and also for businesses who wish to cut back on IT management costs without  affecting service. Network IT offer partial or fully managed IT services on a hosted or remotely-managed basis. Our managed IT services are  available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, throughout the year.

Network IT will support your appliances, whether you buy from us, or if you have existing devices that you wish us to manage, with all the benefits our expertise brings to your organisation.

Network IT can give you the day-to-day support you need with cutting edge expertise and knowledge. We provide better quality support, resolving problems faster and taking the risk out of your service delivery by providing higher availability and a more efficient infrastructure.

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Managed IT Services - What we offer



Expert support at the end of the phone whenever you need it.

Proactive Monitoring

Your pc’s and server’s are monitored 24/7, throughout the year. Threats and issues are highlighted and fixed as they emerge.

Software and Hardware Maintenance

At Network IT we act as your dedicated helpdesk and liaise on all third party hardware and software issues.

Online Backup

Network IT Online Backup Solutions

Solutions providing powerful, reliable and secure data backup for all business sizes

How much would the loss of company information and records cost your business, both for you and your customers? Whether through hardware failure, human error, fire, theft or accidental damage, data loss can have a catastrophic effect. Imagine the impact on your business if you were to lose all your company accounts, sales records, correspondence, customer records and emails.
Online Backup provides you with the peace of mind that, in the event of data loss, your data is fully backed up and recoverable within minutes. On schedule, or on demand, your data is automatically compressed, encrypted and sent to a secure primary data centre. Your data is then mirrored to a secondary geographically diverse data centre for extra protection. To retrieve your data you simply launch the Online Data Backup application on your PC, laptop or server and select the files that you need.

Simple, Secure Online Data Backup & Restore

Our Online Data Backup solutions are developed using Attix5 Professional backup and recovery software. Working in conjunction with our robust network and award winning service and support, these solutions offer excellent value for businesses wishing to securely protect valuable data.
Our solutions don’t require you to buy and install costly hardware and with the backup process fully automated, managed and monitored, you can rest assured that you have chosen a reliable and cost effective solution.
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Disaster Recovery

Could your company survive without its data?

60% of companies that suffer major data loss will shut down within 6 months! Many businesses do not back up their data at all, others rely on out of date technology. Data stored on tape can only be retrieved 40% of the time. If you want to change the odds in your favour ask about our cost effective 100% reliable backup solution.

The Network IT backup solution is called Data Secure, and it does exactly that.

Disaster Recovery Network IT Data Services

Data Secure provides:


Nightly Tapeless Backups


Fully Encrypted Backups


Managed & Monitored Remotely


Daily Server and PC Imaging


Quick Disaster Recovery


Critical Data Stored Offsite


Business Continuity


Server Clustering


Virtualisation backup

Remote Access / Virtual Desktop

Remote Access Provision

Mobility extends the boundaries of business. Already 25% of workers spend a significant amount of time away from the office and this number is growing rapidly.

Yet no matter where they find themselves, they need complete, easy, access to their applications and other business assets.

At Network IT we can help get your workforce mobile. Do you have people out on the road or working from home? We can help laptops users requiring secure remote connections to access files and mails in the office.

We can also assist in getting your mobile device to receive mail and in syncing your calendar and contacts.

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Are you looking to reduce costs, save energy and space? If so virtualisation is worth considering.

Virtualisation means helping IT departments maximize cost savings and improve business continuity. Virtualisation makes it possible to pool resources and run several operating systems from the same hardware.

In case of server consolidation, many small physical servers are replaced by one larger physical server, to increase the utilization of costly hardware resources such as Central Processing Unit (CPU). Although hardware is consolidated, typically operating systems are not. Instead, each operating system running on a physical server becomes converted to a distinct operating system running inside a virtual machine. The large server can “host” many such “guest” virtual machines

Virtualisation Network IT Solutions

Anti Virus & Security

Businesses of all size face tremendous challenges keeping their computer networks secure. We will help you to understand the risks and what can be done to eliminate or minimise them. We can do a comprehensive risk analysis. We have a number of affordable solutions available for your business needs.

AVG Cloudcare Network IT Cloud Anti Virus Solutions

Anti-Virus and Spyware


Email Filtering


Managed Firewalls


Laptop Encryption


Internet Monitoring & Security


Wireless Security


Acceptable Usage Policy




Security Audits


Physical and Data Security


VPN Security


Infrastructure Audit


Identity and Access Management Assessments


Policy and Strategy


Infrastructure Penetration Testing


Application Security Assessments